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Planning and Designing the
User Experience (UX) to Improve Website and Landing Pages Conversion Rates and Systems Usability

A boutique studio that specializes in user experience (UX) design

to optimize the potential of your various assets (landing pages, websites, and systems) so that your customers will enjoy your services/products in a delightful, easy, and seamless experience. That's how both sides benefit.. a lot.

A Variety of Services for Businesses and Companies

Personal guidance for creating digital assets and systems that best suit your customers, provide them with what they need and want in the clearest, most convenient, and easiest way. Enabling you to share your value with the world in the best way. The bottom line is - this will bring you more happy customers.

Optimizing Conversion Rates

The business landing page/website is not performing well? Lots of traffic but no engagement? In a short process we will review and recommend what and how to improve your user experience design so your business will enjoy more happy customers. This is a service that will provide you a practical work plan so you will have the knowledge how to improve your conversion rate even on your own.

1:1 personal guidance

Something just doesn't work on your landing page/website? Have you invested a lot of time/money and you still don't see the results you wanted? Do you have a new idea or product and need to design it in-depth in your system or present it in your digital asset?

With 1:1 focused guidance, answers to your questions, and concerns you will enjoy a practical and clear consult and training about what is the right thing to do in order to achieve what the business needs. We will define and upgrade the user experience, wording, and design so that your business 'assets' will bring the results you want and need. And it's all hand in hand together.

lectures and workshops

Do you want to learn:

1. How to create the optimal experience on your digital asset or system?

2. How to improve landing page/website conversion rate?

3. How to get the information you need from your customers in an easy and simple way?

4. What is important to avoid in order not to waste more resources on a digital asset that does not convert?

All of this and much more with practical and simple tools to make your business more efficient and profitable?
In these tailor made lectures and workshops you can learn, apply and enjoy the best knowledge and experience.

UX for Startups

While dealing with investors, customers, and competitive market it is important to stay focused on everything related to the product user experience in your startup so that your product will become the great success you know it should be.

In joint work and personal and professional guidance, we will bring your product to meet the goals you have set for it. Because together it is much better than doing it alone.

All About Your Customers

The business goal is to meet your customers’ needs and desires in the right and most accurate way. But what do they really want and need? How can you provide them with a better experience? Here we will examine what really motivates and also prevents customers from buying or even reaching out to your business. We will analyze and recommend what and how should you improve based on an in-depth acquaintance and knowledge about those who already enjoy or will enjoy your product or service - your customers.

User Experience A to Z

Does your business need a new website/landing page or perhaps to upgrade the system/digital asset/product to something new, fresh, and more tailored to your customers?
Together we will plan, design, and improve the user experience of your digital asset/product to one that will meet the goals you set for it, lift the business to places you have always dreamt of, and provide an accurate and effective service with a user experience that suits both your customers and your business.

חיים גירון מייסד ומנכל משותף אינפיניטי

Chaim Geron

Co CEO & Founder Infinity Labs R&D Ltd.

Service provided: Conversion rate optimization + Complex system UX design.

       Our landing page conversion rate has more than quadrupled:

We turned to Shira to improve the company's landing page conversion rate. The landing page goal is to attract potential candidates for our unique high-tech training program.

After a careful examination of our target audience, Shira recommended user experience changes for our landing page and continued monitoring, analyzing, and improving the page over a period of about 3 months.

The results were fast and impressive and the conversion rate, which stood at 4.31%, turned to 17.45% (over 4 times what we had).

In light of the continuous improvement and the positive work experience with Shira, She also helped us plan the user experience of a system we developed in the company.

I highly recommend Shira, she is an amazing professional with impressive abilities, who performs her work on the best side and in a pleasant and professional manner.

That's what they have to say

שירה צינמון לינדנבלט - מומחית חוויית משתמש UX

Shira Cinamon Lindenblat - Nice to meet you

A user experience designer, product manager, and lecturer with over 15 years of experience in the field. Specializes in planning, designing, and developing a user experience for a proper and successful collaboration between the business and its customers in websites, landing pages, and systems.


Over the years I’ve worked with a variety of clients: global companies, startups, small and medium business owners, and freelancers, both in short, and long-term projects or support.

My goal is to enrich businesses with the practical tools of user experience design to enable them to improve, grow and strengthen their relationship with their customers.

I hold a bachelor's degree in economics and management, a master's degree in consulting and organizational development, a personal and managers coaching certificate, a user experience design certificate, and much more…

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